Annabel Aoun Blanco


Annabel Aoun Blanco born French is libano venezuelan. She lives and works in Paris.


Her work questions the critical relationship between bodies, faces, and the individual identities hidden within and behind them. Each artistic work devoted to the human figure develops its own process of seduction which, in return, won’t be able to avoid producing “visual appearances”. These artefacts will hide, if not absorb, the reality of the very persons they represent. 

Her work explores the appearance of the human figure by inflicting to the models various constraints which distort or split their body integrity while revealing certain disconcerting aspects of human representation.


The set-ups (devices) increases the reading time necessary to the decoding of the image in order to allow a double progressive discovery:first, of the body, second, of the set-up which controls or distorts it. The image fully reveals its direction and its specificity only once the “device of illusion” has been identified. Sometimes, the smooth surface of the photographic material combines with the cool surface of the various fluids, frozen by the photographic speed. 


Also, the liquid acts either by transparency in different ways: such as a distortion agent between the surface and the subject or such as a background for the model is literally placed in front of it emphasizing the glossy and plained rendering of the photographic surface.

Either visible by transparency, submerged  or emerged within an opaque depth, these bodies are well and truly alive. They give another reading of our physical reality.