Didier Leemans

Morbee Gallery and Didier Leemans , a voluminous cooperation ! As before, the gallery has opted for a solo exhibition , whereby this time the power of the volume is reflected in the space .
Leemans his works represent  … VOLUMES . His quest for the ” Human Presence ” in space , lead him to an anatomical analysis of characters and behaviors . This he joins in a synopsis where the physical archetype dilates itself from the real identity as it is portrayed.
The modular materiality of the wood and drawing with a chainsaw leaves traces such as a vibration on the matter or an incision in the body . By opening of the inner space of the tree , the stem becomes a body , which for the before and after states , in a back-and -forth movement between the internal anatomical structure , and the rough or smooth external texture.
A snapshot of the volume , tight, floating and where everything should move in one fell swoop .
Leemans ( 1969) studied  as a young boy  the fine art of drawing  at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London . Then he indulged himself more into sculptures in the Ecole des Arts in Braine L’ Alleud , where he now teaches  the art of. Leemans participated in the Biennale ARTour and exhibited in eg Hongqiao Comtemporary Art Museum in Shangai (2011 ) and Galerie Antonio Nardonne in Brussels (2010 ) .