Francis Capet

Fading figures — fading heart

Francis Capet
° 1949

has trained as a physician and was working in public health

Started art school in, the 1990’s, first different disciplines, but soon was taken into the mystery of sculpture.
Tried several supports before finally settling for wood and gradually growing an interest in working outdoors interacting with nature and immaterial work.

I work very slowly. I try to state the concept and process and to stick to it very strictly. Randomness can play its part, the final result is not necessarily visualised beforehand.

To me sculpture is definitely more than “making an object”. In the first place it is a work on yourself.
The matter is important as is the form as is the idea. Through art school and several other means, I had the opportunity to study thoroughly contemporary and modern art.

Among the artists that appealed most to me are Sol LeWitt, Giuseppe Pennone, Richard Long, David Nash, …. But first came the primal arts (a copy of the “ Lespugue Venus” was my talisman) and “tribal art”.

Most of the sculptures presented here were made using an adze.