Ivan De Wolf

In the late seventies, Ivan De Wolf (°1952) painted, starting from elementary linear units, rhytmic visual structures in black and white. He explored the tension between regularity and deviation, order and chance, structure and play . This was done on canvas (galerij Drieghe, Wetteren ‘78; ICC Antwerp ’80), on walls (Paleis voor Schone Kunsten Brussels ’81) and in space (galerij Cintrik Antwerp ’82).

After this period, he traveled around the world and continued his quest in India where he encountered and practiced Buddhism. In his professional life he is busy as news- and TV-producer in troubled zones like Sarajevo, Kosovo, Iraq etc…

In 2000 he returns to art and creates new pieces based on his impressions and experiences. Everything revolves around the indefinable “no-thing”. His current work shows a play of fleeting elements in total mutual interdependence. Conceptual principles grow into geometric visual structures. This is in striking contrast with his earlier works,because he opts now resolutely for color.However, he remains consistent to his original concept of using almost but not identical lines and shapes.

The exhibition ” Repetition and Difference” will show paintings that Ivan De Wolf created during the past two years . Each painting has its own singular character ( difference ) but shows also a common element , a common source ( repetition ) . That source could be called mind , hence minds capes.

EXHIBITION FROM 7-11-2013 TILL 4-1-2014.